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"Years from now you'll be glad you knew Mr. Fish"


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Mr. Fish Taxidermy Studio


The year...."1967"


    ....this would turn out to be a good year for Larry Steingart.  Along with his new bride Lynn, it was also the beginning of a new chapter in their lives with the dawn of "Mr. Fish Taxidermy".


By this time, Larry, who resided in Winnipeg, Manitoba, had already been dabbling in taxidermy out of his home for a while, but just as a hobby, and in his spare time.  Now with more responsibilities, there was a desire to do more.


 While working full time at his day job, Larry spent his evenings working tirelessly in their basement, perfecting the craft for which he would become known.  Having an eye for detail and the ability to do outstanding quality, word of his work spread quickly.  Anyone entering the basement of their home was treated to a new and exciting world.  Almost the entire basement was overrun with various fish species, deer, birds and life-size mounts.


Things would get busier as the family grew, with the additions of Apryl and Laura.  While Lynn, and later their two daughters performed their preferred tasks, it was quite common to see Larry work into the wee hours of the night at times, just so others could enjoy their trophies at Christmas time.  With a growing family, it was realized that space was becoming an issue, and a plan was put into place.  With the help of family and friends the garage was transformed into a wildlife studio, complete with a show room, spray booth and plenty of working space.  This would turn out to be not only the perfect location for the expansion, but a turning point for the business.  The "fish-mobile" as it was referred, would just have to stay parked outside.


Now by this time there was more than enough work for the four of them, still operating on a part time basis.  The assistance of other local taxidermists would have to be called upon once in a while to lend a helping hand.  And after the evenings' work was done, Larry could be found tweaking this, or adjusting that.  It had to be just so.  Though Lynn was more involved, what with all the paper work and working on the fish, etc., the girls eventually found other preferred things to occupy their time.

It would be in the early 1980's when my first meeting with Larry & Lynn occurred.  The business was still in the basement of their home at the time.

    I was a budding taxidermist myself, living in the small community of Winkler, Manitoba.  I was looking for someone who would paint a few fish for me, as I had little experience with painting at the time.  I drove into Winnipeg and wound my way to the location of the famous "fish" guy.  At the time it did not occur to me what their actual names might be, so when Lynn answered the door, I asked her if she was "Mrs. Fish"?

    I was kindly escorted into the basement where Larry was busy at work.  Larry asked if I had time to wait while he painted the fish for me.  Seeing as I drove all that way for a few fish, he thought it would save me a trip later on.  I was impressed...and after he painted the fish, we said our goodbyes.


 It wasn't until after I moved to Winnipeg in 1988 to pursue a full time career in taxidermy, when I would again meet up with Larry.  I worked full time in the taxidermy industry on a commercial level, doing work at home for my own clients, but somehow I managed to find time to give Larry a hand as well.  Needless to say, it would later prove to be a life changing choice.  After much debate I ended up leaving my full time employer and joined forces with Mr. Fish Taxidermy.  A difficult decision at the time, but it was a decision that I would not regret.


 It wasn't until a few years into our working relationship, Larry and Lynn made a tough decision to sell Mr. Fish Taxidermy.  Their plan was to move to their cottage at the lake, and enjoy the good life.  An opportunity was present for me to continue doing what I truly loved to do.  After a few sleepless nights, and discussions with Larry and Lynn as to the future growth of the company, a decision was made.  A new and larger facility was necessary.  It just so happened that Apryl's computer skills would once again come in handy.  She found what is now our present location in Hazelridge, Manitoba, just 20 minutes north east of Winnipeg.


Through a unified commitment, we continue to maintain the same top quality work on which "Mr. Fish Taxidermy" was built.


Give us a call, or stop by and see us.



                          "Years from now you'll be glad you knew Mr. Fish"